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Topic: Should I turn my Raspberry Pi model B into a web server?

+ Catherine !ttGirlsPl2 1 month ago #20,431

I thought about loading up a Simple Machines forum on it. I miss the days of message boards and I honestly believed that they were better than the shit we have today especially when I have managed to get sucked too much into the Facebook life. Perhaps a little late into the game knowing how popular other services such as Instagram and Snapchat are. I'm just wondering if it would stay dead though. The reason why I choose to do this is because my Raspberry Pi is always on and it's just sitting there taking up bandwidth. I know it's not a lot but still, feels like it could serve a purpose.

+ Anonymous B1 month ago, 13 hours later[^] [v] #179,261

I don't know what you should do but I agree facebook kind of sucks. I am not really into it either.

+ q. 1 month ago, 1 day later, 2 days after the original post[^] [v] #179,269

is raspberry pi like a normal phone basically?

just run [email protected] :p
Or use an imgur URL: [upload]