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Topic: Emma Watson without makeup. ***ATTN: Indy ***

+ Anonymous A 8 months ago #19,145

Makeup is the greatest trick of sluts the world over, and we just pulled the mask off, literally.

This is a massive deal. The history of male-female relations is going to be defined as “before MakeApp” and “after MakeApp.”

Because this allows us to see what liars these whores actually are. Because that is what makeup is: a lie.

They are presenting themselves as more attractive – and younger – than they really are, in a move to exploit the male sex drive.

I already used up my free trials on MakeApp scanning bitches I know (you only get a limited amount of scans every day), and I don’t have a credit card on my iTunes – but I’m going to scan all of the Alt-Lite skanks and crush that little game. Men will not forget what these whores actually look like after they’ve seen them and that basically ends the phenomenon of women in politics.

It is also going to crush this “respect for women” bullshit we’ve got going on. Because how can you respect an ugly whore who literally put on a mask in order to manipulate your most base biological drives for personal gain?

Truly, it is revolutionary.

Sluts are flipping the fuck out.

They were at first trying to claim it’s a hoax and is adding stuff that isn’t there, but then people noted that actually attractive people (and men, who do not wear makeup) could go through the process unscathed.

So now they’re just saying “fuck you, if you care about this you’re a loser.”

I’ve been on the “makeup is a lie” meme for a long time, but for most men not deep into redpill territory, they are shocked to find out how totally ugly bitches actually are.

This is going to create a massive social backlash against these lying sluts.

All female power that isn’t given to them by the state emanates from their sex appeal. They are stupid, uncreative and selfish “people.” They use base-level psychological tricks to get what they want.

Blaming the Russians is to be expected. This narrative of blaming the Russians for everything right-wing however is going to make people who otherwise hadn’t thought about Russians love the Russians.


(Edited 5 minutes later.)

+ Kody R. Bear 8 months ago, 1 week later[^] [v] #173,083

is this Russian propaganda
are you a foreign actor
Or use an imgur URL: [upload]