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Topic: The Matt Rap Song

+ Anonymous A 3 months ago #19,140

Matt Matt he's so chillin
He likes to be thrilling

He likes men named Bob
So he can slob on his cob

He'll stroke it, smoke it
He will even nibble on it

He'll lay on the floor
As you expose your back door

He's ready to start
Sniffing your farts

So squat on down
He wants to go to town

Down you go
Squatting down low

You yell "OOPS"
You just took a poop

But that's ok
Matt loves the taste

He says its nothing new
As he chews on your poo

He says its to spicy
And kind of dicey

He swallows with pride
And now wants to be your bride

+ Anonymous B3 months ago, 13 hours later[^] [v] #173,069

Nigga you basic

· Anonymous A (OP) — 3 months ago, 9 hours later, 22 hours after the original post[^] [v] #173,070

@previous (B)
Come on den nigga, show me how it be done.

· Anonymous B3 months ago, 2 days later, 3 days after the original post[^] [v] #173,073

@previous (A)
And racist
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