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Topic: FAO: Indy, serious question.

+ Green !BEERiVqJJw 9 months ago #19,134

This is in regards to your post on minichan. I don't hate you, but I have to ask; what happened? We used to be two gentlemae about the fora back in the day. We used to galavant around on scatchan and have a jaunt. We owned peepeeandpoopoochan. These days though, you seem distant. You do not seem the same as my jolly fora friend from back in the day. On minichan you rarely reply when someone speaks to you unless it's TG. What happened dude? I want us to be Fora Kings™ again like we once were in the past. I miss my fora friend.

+ Anonymous B9 months ago, 19 minutes later[^] [v] #173,059

I am sorry. I will try more. I have been busy working, but that is no excuse. Also, I spilled wine on my MacBook and fried it, so all I have is an iPad now so I lost my login information here.
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