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Topic: I wonder how long until the admin gets BORED and closes the BOARD.

+ Anonymous A 3 months ago #19,123

No I'm not criticizing the admin. No I'm not assuming anything about him/her.

It's just a pattern. So many small boards get closed. I can't remember the names of them all. There was peepeeandpoopoochan, bijou, Negi's board, several others.

Oh and PsychTalkOnline. I found an old screenshot of it. It's just some lame trolling. The person being trolled is legally a male so it's acceptable to mock him. Yeah born female but in Canada, women can legally change their gender to male easily.

Famous libertarian Lauren Southern made a video how-to guide how to do change your gender to male on your driver's license in Canada.
Here's how: [play]

(Edited 5 minutes later.)

+ Anonymous B3 months ago, 2 days later[^] [v] #173,043

Or use an imgur URL: [upload]