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Topic: Married father-of-2 traveled 1000 miles to Florida w/ candy & lube to have sex with a 9-yr-old girl

+ Anonymous A 3 months ago #19,081

Mark Andrew Nichols, 64, caught the attention of police after he responded to an online ad
Nichols traveled from Austin, Texas to Orlando, Florida to meet the youngster
The setup was actually fake and was cops posing as the girl and her parents
Police said Nichols set up a meeting with the parents in Orlando.

A man from Texas has been arrested on charges he traveled to Orlando, Florida, to have sex a girl whom he thought was nine-years-old.

Mark Andrew Nichols, 64, traveled more than 1,000 miles from his home in Austin, Texas to make contact with the girl, but when he arrived police were already waiting for him and he was arrested on Saturday.

Undercover sex crime detectives created a fake advert on a website to which Nichols responded.

An internet crimes detective then posed as a father and mother as well at the youngster online according to WFTV.

The ad referenced meeting 'experienced parents to learn new things from raising little ones,' according to the arrest report. The ad was deliberately vague to encourage potential predators to take the bait.

Nichols allegedly sent a number of emails and texts to the detective who was posing as the girl and her parents.

Orlando police say Nichols, who is married and has two young children of his own, then went on to explicitly describe sex acts that he planned to perform with the child.

The fake dad explained to Nichols that he and his wife were trying to get their nine-year-old daughter into modeling and asked him what types of 'interests' he had about the girl.

'When you say interests, are you asking generally? Or sexually?' Nichols responded to the father.

Nichols said that he was 'fascinated' with incest and it was an 'extreme turn on' for him.

Nichols told the detective that he wanted to have sex with the nine-year-old but wanted to make sure the girl's parents were 'comfortable' with it first.

He told the detective posing as the father that he would love to 'watch' or participate.

Nichols added, 'I am extremely respectful about all of this,' and said he was planning a trip to the Orlando area soon and would like to meet the family, according to the report.

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I didn't know that Syntax was a married father of two.
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