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Markup syntax

Output Input
Italic ''Italic''
Bold '''Bold'''
Spoiler ? Hover over me! **Spoiler**
Underline [u]Underline[/u]
Strikethrough [s]Strikethrough[/s]
Highlights [hl]Highlights[/hl]


> Quote > Quote
Link text [ Link text]
> Block
> quote
Bordered text
[border]Bordered text[/border] - Use this when quoting from external sources.
[code]Code[/code] - Use this when pasting code or ASCII art
Shift JIS
[aa]Shift JIS[/aa] - Use for Shift JIS ASCII art
echo 'lorem ipsum';
[php]echo 'lorem ipsum';[/php] - Use to highlight PHP
[noparse]'''not [s]parsed[/s]'''[/noparse] '''not [s]parsed[/s]'''
Blah Blah Main row Blah
asdf dsfafa fsadds fds sdf fdsfds
sdafds s asdf s ssdf
scdf vcxvxc er aaaaaa a
||Blah ||Blah ||!Main row ||Blah
|asdf |dsfafa |fsadds fds |sdf fdsfds
|sdafds s |asdf |s |ssdf
|scdf |vcxvxc |er aaaaaa|a