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GHOUL is now an imageboard?

This is certainly strange as it has never been an imageboard in the entire history of its namesake.
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I suppose the volunteer mods were tired of deleting all the 70508 posts.

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Stop being dead!
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make me and or pay me.

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i feel like everything is boring these days forum. why is that?

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File: 1542366868815.png–(1.45MB, 1188x624, 600536E1-3C11-4831-B863-86B5C54818D5.png)
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GHOUL shall investigate!
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File: 1541828281395.jpg–(34.27KB, 214x299, 039C9DC6-CC07-4C7D-BCB0-D19FB85AF090.jpeg)
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It’s killer shit!
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I have an old friend and she started remembering her childhood trauma and freaking out at work and lost her job during an emotional breakdown. She kept speaking of shadow people (she calls them "shadow folk") everywhere and that got her fired. The abusers were all pink-skinned and her family is pink-skinned.

Her family sexually tortured her and she has scars on her back. She tells her boyfriends that she got in fights as a kid. Both parents, all cousins, mom's boyfriends (mom was a drug addict) molested her. They tortured her, made her eat waste, and beat her. They took photos and videotaped her. It was the most horrible thing imaginable worse than stuff mentioned in the media. All females in her family were molested and her little sister died of a rare form of hepatitus B. The lady I speak of also carries that rare mutation of hepatitis B that vaccines don't cover due to a different mutation.

At 5 years old she tried to run away but returned because she was starving and was beaten and raped nearly to death again for it.

She hated kissing because she was afraid to be intimate and then in college the first boyfriend she got, well he reminded her of her family. The boyfriend raped her on their first meeting in her dorm and she freaked out like she was a child again and let him. Then she kept meeting him. After that, anyone who spoke to her - such as every guy in class projects, she chased down and threw herself at all on her own and had sex with - this was after being cold to everyone for years initially.

She later broke up with her first college boyfriend and when she heard from him years later, he had tried to marry a single mother and the single mother rejected him because he had hepatitus B.

After she lost her job, she threatened her father with reporting him and the father like the last time she complained (years ago when her little sister died), the father simply called his only daughter (the sister was a half sister) every misogynistic name in the book and showed no sympathy. The father knew all along and let the family take part and he even took part.

There is no physical evidence though so reporting the family will do little.

She has trouble getting a job because of emotional trauma and has an expensive $4K a month mortgage and doesn't even have the interest paid off. She basically paid $90K to rent a million dollar home for 18 months. She needs a place to stay soon but if she lives with me, I will get her illness.

She also has multiple personality disorder and resembles MKULTRA stories though she was simply heavily abused as a kid.
¨ No.12
GHOUL shall investigate!

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